Three Traits Of Distressed Tiles

Posted on: 18 July 2022

When you shop for flooring tiles that you want to use somewhere in your home, you can expect to see that the majority of tiles have a pristine appearance. This might suit some people, but if you decorate your home in more of a rustic or a shabby chic style, pristine tiles probably won't be suitable. Instead, you'll want to turn your attention to distressed tiles, which you can find at a lot of flooring retailers. They're available in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can peruse the samples and find a product that will work for your home.

Here are three common traits of distressed tiles.

Uneven Edges   

A lot of distressed tiles have uneven edges. Even though they're new, this design makes the tiles look as though they've been around for years and have sustained some wear. Instead of the edges being perfectly straight, for example, they'll often be a little bumpy. Some tiles that are more distressed will even have occasional notches along the edges, giving them an old and well-worn appearance. In addition to having uneven edges, you'll usually find that the corners of distressed tiles are rounded rather than perfectly square, which further helps to augment their rustic look.

Faded Colors

You'll find distressed tiles in all sorts of colors, but the common trait will be that whatever colors are present on a particular tile look faded. Fading is critical for a tile to look old and worn. Lighter colors suggest that the tile's color has been affected by the sun or that the tile has received so much foot traffic that the color is no longer as strong as it once was. If you've ever been in an old building and noticed flooring tiles with faded colors, you can expect that any distressed tiles you buy will have a similar look.

Pitted Surface

A lot of new tiles have a surface that is completely smooth, but you won't often find this with distressed tiles. Instead, many of these products have surfaces that are uneven and slightly pitted in areas. This is another feature that makes the tiles seem as though they've sustained years of foot traffic, giving them a well-worn look — even though they're brand new. The degree of pitting can vary from product to product. Some have just minor pitting, while the pitting is more extreme in others. Learn more about distressed tiles at a local flooring store.