Should You Redesign Your Home In A Warm Minimalism Style?

Posted on: 10 February 2022

Are you looking for a design that makes your home feel larger, more thoughtful, and yet welcoming? Then you may be looking for warm minimalism. What is this modern trend? And how can you use it in your own space? Here's what you need to know. 

What Is Warm Minimalism?

Minimalism is a design style that seeks to remove all unnecessary clutter from the space, leaving it with clean lines and open spaces. Each furnishing, decor, and accent included is carefully curated to ensure it has a purpose and enhances the quiet, still atmosphere. 

However, minimalism isn't for everyone. Many people who don't want to get rid of everything have gravitated toward a compromise form of minimalism known as warm minimalism. This is an effort to eliminate clutter and free up the home from the burden of stuff, but it allows for more personality and sentiment. The aim is to ensure the room still feels homey and inviting. 

How Can You Achieve Warm Minimalism?

At its heart, warm minimalism begins with minimalism. One of the best ways to make the change is to remove everything from an existing space. Each item that is returned must justify its inclusion. 

Choose quality over quantity. Minimalism allows you the luxury of taking time and care on each selection. You want high-quality items since they will not hide one another from view or usage. But one quality, well-chosen furnishing can do many than several of lesser purpose. A flexible sofa which can be reconfigured, for instance, takes the place of several pieces of other seating.

The warm part of this movement comes from a few different places. First, it generally uses warmer neutral colors. Some feel that minimalism is stark or industrial due to its use of harsher or monochromatic colors. Warmth is added by decorating with soft hues, nature-inspired colors, warm browns, or pastels. 

Another way to add warmth to your room is to carefully select textures and patterns to include. Different textures — from wood to soft upholstery to canvas to textured wall coverings — make the room interesting to all your senses. And the careful use of a few patterns will mix things up and give it vibrance. 

Where to Start

Warm minimalism, like traditional minimalism, can be a tricky balance. You want to clear spaces of many (or most) items, but you don't want it to feel cold or harsh. At the same time, it's easy to let too many belongings creep in. The best place to begin is to work with an experienced interior design service. Call an interior design service to start crafting a plan to make your home into a warm minimalist haven.