Make Your Mantle The Focus Of Your Interior Design

Posted on: 20 May 2019

The holidays aren't the only time that your fireplace mantle is a showstopper and focal point of the room. Create an intriguing aesthetic with your mantle year-round with some interior design tips to set your hearth and home apart.

Bring the Drama

Paint the surrounding wall a bold, contrasting hue, leaving your fireplace and mantle a neutral shade. The dramatic color brings a modern twist to your space and really makes your mantle pop against the fresh paint. Plus, the new wall color will bring a new look to anything that you put on your mantle space!

Reflect on It

Mirrors or mirrored tile will reflect whatever you put on the mantle, creating a dazzling display. Use small mirrors, fairy lights, and crystal glassware for a sparkling display that is simple and so easy to achieve. Fill a glass dish with marbles or floral filler that will reflect the light and add to the magic.

Group in Threes

For some reason, when you combine objects in a decorative scene or collection, it is most aesthetically appealing to work in groups of three. Try to avoid the temptation to use even-numbers of objects that are divided on both sides of a mantle; instead, arrange three items on one side to make them appear more organic and less contrived.

Go Natural

Natural elements make the easiest and most-versatile mantle decorating ideas; also, they are cheap and often free. From fruit and nuts to balsam acorns and pinecones, you can create a gorgeous fireplace display using items found in nature—or even your own kitchen! Consider using your mantle for fresh floral arrangements, wreaths, or topiaries, too.

Less Can Be More

Try to resist the urge to load décor and accents on your mantle; it is the perfect spot for holiday displays and seasonal decor, but keeping it simple and focused will set a tone for your entire home. Plus, it will help enhance the few objects, items, and accents that you do use, creating a poignant and tasteful focal point in your room.

Alter the interior design of your home easily by simply changing your mantle appearance. You can do this with paint, objects, or light, but also consider unique natural elements that will grab attention in an evergreen way. Bring a fresh focal point and unique aesthetic to your home, room, or interior with these suggestions and interior design ideas for your hearth and mantle today!

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