What Colors Are Best For Your Trade Show?

Posted on: 15 November 2018

You want your trade show booth to have an encouraging appeal that invites people in warmly without appearing overbearing. Color has a lot to do with how to make your booth look amazing, or the colors you choose can turn people away without you realizing it. Here are colors you can work with at your trade show that are alluring and allow you to express your company or brand personality without being too overboard in appearance.

Classic red

Applied warmly and in small doses, classic red can be a great addition to your trade show booth's design. The color is authoritative and tells people that you take yourself seriously, but it isn't as stark as similarly authoritative black and dark gray. Red is passionate and will draw customer interest. Stick to true red rather than a red-orange hue.

Metallic color

Anything metallic is sure to turn heads and bring people to your trade show display out of both curiosity and wonder. Metallic hues, including gold, bronze, silver, and other metallic styles, are reflective in nature and can make your smaller booth appear larger. Metallic colors are also modern and contemporary in trade show booth use, so they appeal to a younger demographic you may not otherwise reach.


If you want to stand out from the other trade show displays in a positive way, then opt for yellow for your booth. Yellow is considered to be an extremely welcoming and cheerful color, and in a bold shade can be very great for advertising. Yellow tells people that you have a product or service worth looking at that will benefit them in some way, and the bolder the yellow hue you use, the more attention you can bring to your booth.

Pair yellow with other commanding colors, such as red or orange, to really make the color stand out positively. Choosing too light a shade of yellow will tone down your booth, so keep this in mind.


When applied correctly, purple has an exquisite look that makes the products and services you have on display alluring and elite. Whether you have a male or female demographic to reach out to, purple is commanding and royal in its elegance and can give your booth the expensive appeal you desire. Choose purple with metallic accents or match purple with other dark shades — or use purple with a white background — to really make a difference in your booth. A designer, like those at Presentation Media, can help you out.