Designing Your Own Home: How To Be Involved In The Architectural Rendering

Posted on: 26 March 2018

An architectural rendering is the pre-design of a building, constructed out of a paper illustration or even a miniature replica of the building to be constructed. An architectural rendering differs from a blueprint in its design and purpose: a blueprint shows you how to build the structure, while a rendering shows you what the structure will look like when completed.

You want to design your own home and wish to have an active hand in the final construction. Here are ways you can be involved in the architectural rendering process so you feel more in control of what your home finally looks like — and so you can have your voice be heard from beginning to end.

Submit your own design

You're not an artist, but you can still get your design desires heard by drawing your own architectural rendering. Draw in the number of windows you want in your home and how you want the porch to look. Draw an interior picture with the arched doorways you want to have or the skylight you want in the kitchen.

Your rudimentary picture will be greatly received by the architectural rendering artist; your tangible vision will be incorporated into the professional design so you can clearly convey just how you want your home to look.

Ask for renderings often

As your design needs change, based on what you want your home to look like and what needs to be altered to make your vision complete, the renderings will change as well. Ask to see renderings often, and don't be afraid to question why the pitch of your potential home's roof looks a certain way or why the porch was placed several feet away from where you wanted it to be. Rendering companies like WOODBOURNE DESIGN are used to questions and can provide you with detailed answers.

Odds are, a rendering represents what can architecturally be sound; you need to understand that what your vision is and what can actually be completed on your home to make the structure sound may not always coincide. So if you see changes in your architectural rendering of your home, find out why. If changes were made due to an error in communication, things can be changed. If alterations represent what must be done to acquire the design you want, then you know that your home will look as close to what you want as possible.

Architectural rendering is part of the home building process. You should be involved in your home's design as much as possible to make your vision complete.