Worried About Ants On Your Hardwood Flooring? 3 Tips To Keep Them Ant-Free

Posted on: 9 September 2016

If you have hardwood flooring that's recently been installed or you've just moved into a home that has hardwood floors, you need to consider what steps you can take towards keeping ants out of your home. If you're especially concerned about ants making a home out of your kitchen, you need to make sure that you aren't accidentally drawing them in due to something that you're doing. Instead of making choices that will lead to ants becoming comfortable in your home and on your hardwood flooring, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

Watch the Cracks Between the Floorboards

A common problem with hardwood flooring and ants potentially getting into your home is that they can quickly burrow into the floorboards and be difficult to spot. This is especially true for darker colored hardwood flooring. With this in mind, you need to make sure to regularly look at the floorboards when cleaning. This will ensure that no dirt and other debris are left between the cracks and becoming a breeding ground for ants.

Make Sure to Choose Hardwood That's Easy to Clean

Keeping ants out of your kitchen can be a challenge since they can be drawn to both liquids and crumbs that find their way to the floor. An easy way to stop ants from being difficult to remove is by being selective about your hardwood flooring. Picking out flooring that's easy to wipe clean and won't be damaged by most cleaners can ensure that you're able to clean up spills in just minutes without the worry of warping or otherwise damaging the flooring in other ways.

Spray Your Home for Ants Periodically

The best way to keep ants far away from your home is through using routine pest control. Many people put off getting pest control done until an infestation is already present, making it a hard and costly job to control them, depending on how widespread the ants are. In order for your hardwood flooring to be clean and free of ants, you should make sure that your home is sprayed against ants. Relying on professional pest control will ensure that the job is done right and that the ants won't be an issue.

Protecting your hardwood floors with the above methods can make all the difference in how much ant activity you see and the condition of your floors in the years to come—limiting your need for extensive cleaning or restoration work. For more information, visit websites like http://www.towneinteriors.net.