Tips For Accurate Picture Hanging

Posted on: 31 August 2016

Having pictures hanging on the wall can really improve the looks of a home, but it isn't always easy to do this task well. Many people have trouble getting the pictures properly centered or getting them to hang straight, which means they sometimes end up adding more nail holes to the wall than they would like in the process. There are a few tips that can help with accurate picture hanging.

Try Using a Picture Hanging Tool

Some people find it easier to hang their pictures with one of the tools available for this purpose. This type of easy picture hanging tool can come in a number of different forms, but these are all designed to help people accurately mark where the nail holes should go when a picture is hung in a certain spot. One consists of a horizontal bar that contains a level and has two vertical bars that can be adjusted to suit the size of the picture frame. Both the horizontal and the vertical parts of the tool contain ruler markings, making it easy to properly space items. Another type of accurate picture hanging tool is a type of tape measure that has a sliding bubble level as well as sliding markers that can be used to mark where the nails need to go once this is determined.

Use Paper Templates

For getting the proper arrangement of pictures, it's often useful to trace the frames to make paper templates. Label each of these templates so you know which pictures they represent, and make it clear which side is the top of the template. Then, try out various arrangements on the wall using a temporary adhesive tape until you get just the right one and everything looks straight. If you mark where the nails or screws need to go on the templates, you can even put them into the wall before removing the template so everything will be all set for accurate picture hanging.

Use the Right Hardware

While it can be tempting to just hang pictures with a nail (or two) in the wall, there are special hooks that work much better for this purpose. The hooks will make it less likely that a picture will fall down when bumped. In some cases, these hooks come with anchors that help support the weight of the picture when it's hung on drywall and not a stud. Be sure to choose hooks meant to support the size and weight of the picture in question for the best results.

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